Italian Regional Dinner Series 2018

Jan 17 // Mar 28 // Jun 13 // Aug 22 // Nov 7
6 PM // $60

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Cento Italian Regional Dinner Series
Join us at Cento as we tour classic regions of Italy and explore their rich cultural heritage, traditional cuisine, and famous wine styles. Each dinner in this exciting series will transport you to a unique region of Italy where you will enjoy a four-course meal highlighting the rich traditions of the region, paired with wines carefully selected by Cento’s wine steward, Austin Van Wart.

Five dinners, Four courses, Four wines
There are five dinners in the 2018 series including Veneto, Marche, Calabria, Trentino, and Langhe. Be it pasta and truffles paired with Brunello di Montalcino, to fresh seafood paired with Inzolia, Cento’s Italian Regional Dinner Series will take your taste buds on a journey to these classic regions of Italy without ever leaving Madison.

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We are excited to provide these special dining experiences, as Chef Chris Myers combines Old World Italian traditions with modern cooking techniques to take you on a journey through Italy. We hope you can join us. Buon Appetito!

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Veneto // January 17th

Similar to its diverse geography of coastal, plain, and mountainous areas, Veneto offers a wide variety of classic regional cuisine. The coastal area naturally focuses on seafood, while the plains focus on pasta and pasture animals like pork and chicken. The plains are well known for fettuccine and raviolis filled with meat, cheese, vegetable, or pumpkin. Moving to towards the mountains there are noticeable similarities to plains with a heavier focus of wild game often served over hearty polenta. Veneto is also home to one the world’s best known wines, including the bright and bubbly Prosecco and rich red Valpolicella.

Marche // March 28th

Overshadowed by its neighbors, Tuscany and Umbria, Marche is an often forgotten region of Italy. Marche is rooted in simple rustic cuisine and offers something for everyone. From the infamous Pecorino cheese, fried stuffed olives, smoked pork and fennel sausages, all the way to rich seafood stew traditionally made with thirteen different fish from Marche’s coast, the region boasts one of the broadest spectrums of culinary diversity. The region’s most well known wine, Verdicchio, is a crisp, dry white wine, with a large dose of bright acidity that has gained worldwide fans due to its easy drinking nature and endless ability to pair with a vast number of cuisines.

Calabria // June 13th

Calabria is the most southern region of the Italian mainland or the toe of Italy’s boot. The region’s cuisine can most simply be described as rich and spicy exemplified by one of their most famous delicacies, Nduja, a spreadable and spicy sausage similar to that of the French Andouille. Calabrian cuisine is rooted in showing off the best ingredients grown or made in the region including cured sausages like Capicola Calabrese and Sopressata as well as produce like the Tropea red onion and bergamot orange. Red wine dominates the region’s production with over ninety percent dedicated to bold and high alcohol red wines that are the perfect compliment to Calabria’s native dishes.

Trentino-Alto Adige // August 22nd

Sharing a border with Austria, Trentino-Alto Adige is a unique region. The blending of Germanic and Italian tradition is showcased by the regional fare. Trentino-Alto Adige is home to cured pork delicacy, Speck, the smoked cousin of the world renowned Prosciutto di Parma. Dishes are often hearty and feature local game, rich polenta, and stews. The region is infamous for its apple production and often highlights them in a traditional Germanic dessert apple strudel. The region has an over 3,000 year old history of winemaking. Over fifty percent of the production is chardonnay, often used to make the region’s various sparkling wines. Trentino-Aldo Adige is also well known for its high quality Pinot Grigio that benefits from the mountainous terrain. As for the reds, the region is best known for Teroldego and Lagrein.

Langhe // November 7th

Residing in the better known province of Piedmont, Langhe is the food and wine epicenter of the province. Langhe is highly coveted for it’s truffles. The dishes of the region often include the highly desired truffle, veal, and rich egg yolk pastas that are perfect for the cooler climate. Although the cuisine is world class, wine is king in the region. The most well known red wines of Italy – Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto d’Alba, and Barbera d’Alba – all call Langhe home.