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Photo of Todd Sprik

Todd Sprik, Sous Chef · Cento

Todd was born in Chicago and raised in Wisconsin. He recently moved back to Madison and has spent 14 years in the service industry. “I have always loved art, and through cooking I can express that. I think that the way that food brings people together is pretty amazing. Todd studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. After school, he cooked in New York for six years at places like Colicchio and Sons, Il Buco, and The Modern which is currently a Two Star Michelin restaurant. Todd has also made two trips to the James Beard House where chefs are invited to cook based on a variety of qualifications including demonstrating excellence in a particular discipline and known use of high quality, seasonal, and/or local ingredients. Following his time in New York, Todd spent six years in Miami working as a Sous Chef for Scott Conant & Niña Compton at Scarpetta and also as Sous Chef for Stephen Starr at Le Zoo. Todd later became the Chef de Cuisine at Byblos and spent a year in Washington D.C. as the Executive Chef at Lupo Marino & Lupo Verde Osteria. “It takes a special commitment to work in the restaurant industry. It brings people together like a band of brothers. Food Fight is such a dynamic company, and they care for employees. It’s hard to find a company that focuses on the employees and their well being as much as they do great food and customer service.” In his free time Todd enjoys hiking, traveling, hanging out with his dogs, BBQing , cooking with friends, reading books and skiing .

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